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eCommerce Marketing Agency

Branding & Product Launch Specialists with Emphasis on Technology

We are an Experienced, Professional, Multi-National, Digital Branding & Marketing Agency. Our Focus is eCommerce Brands and some large Amazon FBA Businesses.

We are Changing the Game and our Clients On Amazon Alone, Paid Over $64 Million in Fees in 2019; Most Had: Brand Protection, Price Negotiation Access Warehouse Inspection Services, Product Validation, and More…

Brand Protection

Brand protection will include everything. Full and Complete Brand Protection only $1,397 and 97 cents. 

Brand Monitoring.

Brand protection will include everything. Full and Complete Brand Protection only $1,397 and 97 cents. 

Why Choose Cataliss?

As of Right Now You, Founder, Owner, Operator etc.. are officially now aware that there is a better way to sell items online; and I Will Admit Few Care About My Current Brand or Product.  On a daily basis we receive questions about PPC, yes we will handle that for you – but, if you’re needing PPC along with Amazon for Traffic, the Market is Literally Screaming, “Something about ASIN: ABCD1234 is truly awful and we can see through any blinders you are trying to pull over our eyes!”

Full Range of Digital Services

Boost your Amazon Sale

We provide full range of services that will get your products on the top rank on Amazon. Our work is developed by native speakers of 10 different languages!

Fully Customized Strategy

Every brand has different needs, whether it is just a side project or a 360 degrees Digital Strategy. Our objective is YOUR GROWTH. Get in touch with us now for a quick chat about it!

Rule the Social Media

We develop your Social Media presence through the most useful online channels for your brand. You have a lot of things to say, we know it and we’re here to give you voice.

Available Services

Branding in order to start Omnichannel Fulfillment


Brand Protection


Amazon PPC Campaigns


VR/AR of Product Functioning


Full-Service Marketing


Full Brand Monitoring & Intervention


Legal Assistance for IP & eCommerce Matters

The Market?

Who is The Market and can you possibly ask questions of them prior to launching?  We get this question with almost every single launch we work on, so do not be shy.  The Market we speak of, is who ever you, the seller would like it to be; as example, a toy maker would have kids as a market and perhaps grandparents as they oftentimes buy gifts for children.  Building a Brand is Different and requires a lot more work for us and you (general a hustler, CMO or CEO who is in need of marketing & branding but with the ability to pay for an extreme quality and access to the latest technology, designers, social posts as you wish, we literally take the hard part of building the brand away.

We do not have set prices for our Full Services Packages, as all of our Full Service Packages are Priced over a first or second consult, it is how we do business. 

Also, please notice that under no circumstances will we work with competing products (we do not create conflicts of interests for ourselves), and we do not disclose with whom we have worked or are currently working.  Our services provide what is an Unfair Advantage to some however, we absolutely never break Amazon’s TOS. 

Although difficult, providing Brand Protection and offering of the Both the Hiding & Removal of Negative Brand Search Indicators has the largest short impact gain for clients.  Meaning, albeit tedious for both parties, and we like to say it is similar to a pre-court battle.  We will send out a letter without even asking for your permission and we have your signature (of the person who signs these letters for your business) on file, encrypted.  This allows us to just work without even bothering you, and indeed we send you a copy of the letter prior to it being sent just to inform you it’s waiting on USPS.

You will have TOTAL Brand Protection for the first time ever we have a stronger legal team if needed than Amazon has ever seen but we would prefer to stay out of the courtroom.  Even if you win (you will), you still will spend well over a year on any legal battle…



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